16 ago. 2012

AV Linux 6.0 'The Now' is in the Wild!

AV Linux 6.0 'The Now' is finally in the Wild!

After a very turbulent development period AV Linux 6.0 is finally here. This will be the final release of AV Linux for a variety of reasons however don't stop reading at the word 'final', this is a state-of-the-art release that culminates over 5 versions and 5 years of experience and refinement into the best release to date. This release should truly come closest to the 'Install...Create' ideal that AV Linux has strived to provide. This release is provided 'as-is' and will not be updated and maintained with newer packages, however tech support will be provided on the AV Linux forum for 1 year. Obviously this will be a disappointment to some users, however before you walk away I urge you to try the latest ISO and let it prove it's own worth, people who want to install and create multimedia will not be disappointed... people who live for the next software update will be better served by KXStudio or Dream Studio both excellent projects in their own right.

AV Linux 6.0 has benefitted greatly from increased collaboration with outside contributors, this time around I have played the role of project leader and let the true genius of Tony Brijeski and falkTX provide the best new features. Tony has provided numerous hidden system tweaks and cleanups as well as a new Remastersys GUI and Installer, Control Panel, Filefinder Utility and Nautilus scripts. falkTX the talented and generous developer of KXStudio has shared a great 'aloop-daemon' python script for setting up an ALSA Loopback system (which was refined by Tony and Trulan Martin) as well as a standalone binary build of his Carla Plugin host and his great DISTRHO Plugin ports. Ben Loftis from Harrison Mixbus has allowed distribution of Mixbus 2.1 on the LiveISO and Trulan Martin has spun up another rock solid 3.0.36 Kernel patched with EHCI USB-3 support as well as some newer testing -rt Kernels. Thanks also to Ed Diehl for his troubleshooting help with FFADO and ISO testing. Hats off to Allen Tate for providing our torrents and Tom (aka Grooveschmied) for his efforts to translate and promote AV Linux to our German users and formatting and organizing the great Hardware list provided by AV Linux users. And lastly thanks to last-minute ISO testers trulan, doogy_64, davephillips,

It's no secret that the ISO has grown about 500mb in size, despite what people may think if anything there is less 'fat' than ever before. There are added applications some of which are standalone or bundled binaries which take more room. As always AV Linux doesn't just give you the OS itself there is also a complete development environment on the ISO as well.

This release is dedicated to those rare, unique and amazingly generous people who kept AV Linux alive with donations, some of you have even donated more than once and although the ratio of downloaders to donators was unfortunately far from an effective fundraising model that does not in any way diminish my appreciation for the generosity demonstrated by all of you. My humble and sincere thanks...
- Right click on the desktop for an Openbox menu to access the Installer, User Manual and System Config stuff
- PLEASE take a minute to read the updated User Manual explaining the new features in 6.0
- On the LiveISO any apps requiring gstreamer or LADSPA plugins will launch Wine which will take several seconds to set up it's config on first run only
- Nautilus starts with a slight delay on first run only
- Kdenlive will directly launch and ask to create a folder in your user's home, do not re-run the setup wizard or it will create incorrect paths to MLT

AV Linux 6.0 Changelog (In no particular order):
- Update to Kernel 3.0.36
- Update to Xorg from Squeeze Backports
- Cleaned up and improved boot with dependency-based booting
- Allow all users access to xserver (hopefully fixed goofy rare permissions issues)
- Rolled QT4 Stack back to clean Squeeze version to solve breakages from QT4 4.8
- New Control Panel
- Move to Nautilus File Manager
- Added New Hydrogen Drumkits
- Added Nitrogen
- Updates to Remastersys GUI/Installer
- Suppress stupid superfluous udev messages during boot
- Removed 'doc' folders from plugin paths to fix LV2 warnings in terminal
- Removed problematic PXU LADSPA Plugins
- Removed discoDSP Discovery demo due to JUCE GUI issues with Ardour
- Updates to latest drobilla LV2 Stack with Custom Packages
- Rebuilt OpenCV Stack with custom packages
- Added Harrison Mixbus (2.1)
- Update to Deb-Builder
- New Filefinder Utility
- Disabled IPV6 to hopefully fix Browser speed issues
- Updates to Linuxsampler Libs
- Updates to Wine (1.4+rt patch)
- Added updated repo for WXWidgets
- Updates to Audacity (2.0)
- Added Squeeze repos for XFCE 4.8/KDE4 4.6 (disabled by default)
- Added various build dependencies for assorted applications
- Provide Custom VLC Build (just about killed me!)
- Added Carla Binary Build
- Created custom icons and added versions for Wbar
- Updates to Ardour2
- Added Ardour3 b5 SVN Builds
- Provide Custom Kdenlive Build (Don't Ask!!)
- Updates to ALSA (1.0.25)
- Updates to FFADO (2.0.99SVN2189)
- Added K3B
- Updates to LibreOffice (3.5.4)
- Added 'Non-Things'
- Added Synfig Studio
- Removed OOMIDI (Couldn't contact developers after numerous IRC visits)
- Removed All JACK Standalone Plugins)
- Added linuxDSP '500'and 'Black' Series
- Added and tweaked aloop-daemon
- Updates to Rosegarden (12.04)
- Updates to Guitarix (0.24)
- Added Muse2 (2.0.1)
- Updates to MuseScore (1.2)
- Added Darktable
- Added DispCalGUI/Argyll_CMS
- Updated User Manual
- Updates to A2JMIDID (v8)
- Updates to Patchage and support libs (0.5.0)
- Updates to Handbrake (0.9.6)
- Updates to Openshot (1.4.2+BZR)
- Updates to LiVES (1.6.2)
- Updates to SooperLooper (1.6.18)
- Updates to Cinelerra (2.2CV+GIT)
- Updates to WineASIO (0.9.0+GIT)
- Added Petri-Foo
- Added Sonic Visualiser (2.0)
- Added Qmidinet
- Added Vee One LV2 Prototypes
- New Menu Buttons
- New Custom Theme

Release Screencasts

This release is accompanied by 2 Screencasts one is an installation tutorial and the other is a detailed Introduction Screencast. I'll apologize in advance for my voice... between allergy season, late nights and morning-after-a-gig syndrome I'm not exactly what you would call a Golden Voice. The Introduction Screencast is fairly long, hopefully there are some items of interest for most people...if not that's what the scroll bar at the bottom of the video is for...

Introducing AV Linux 6.0 from Glen MacArthur on Vimeo.

Installing AV Linux 6.0 from Glen MacArthur on Vimeo.

Download, Install, Create.....Enjoy!
Torrent: http://www.mymusicexchange.us/torrent/torrents-details.php?id=2

ISO: http://bandshed.net/iso/avlinux6.0-lxde-i386-en.iso
MD5: http://bandshed.net/iso/avlinux6.0-lxde-i386-en.iso.md5