14 may 2013

Hice un PKGBUILD para la ultima version de Encuentro instalable en arch 64bits

Hice un PKGBUILD para la ultima version 0.9.9 de Encuentro instalable en arch linux 64bits, if you want modify as you wish. 

The Actual process to get this done is very simple.

Open address : https://launchpad.net/encuentro/trunk/0.9.9

Download tarball.

Extract the tarball.

Open this location on terminal or (konsole).

    Type : makepkg -s

    [ This command executes the file PKGBUILD you can save this one under extracted folder p.s. ~/encuentro-0.9.9/, if you are interested in what it does then simply open the file and look at the commands. They are simple to understand and you may run those commands directly on the terminal doing the same process by yourself.]
you need change some as: arch if you want :D

    as root or sudo pacman -U encuentro-0.9-9-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

  [ makepkg command will build a .pkg.tar.xz file which may be used to install the software using the command written above.]


    makepkg -i

This should get your encuentro manager installed.

thats all!


despues de verlo en funcionamiento me puse a bailar

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